Jolla unleashes its prized Sailfish OS Tablet (2,000 units sold out quickly)

Finland’s smartphone manufacturer, Jolla has just joined the foray in the stiff table market as it unleashed its chic Sailfish OS Tablet that is clad with a 7.85 inches screen panel display. This will imply that the device will have to contend with scores of rivals, including its compatriot Nokia which has just made a comeback in the tablet segment by releasing the N1 which runs an Android mobile operating system.

The Finnish word Jolla which means dinghy in English, was established in 2011 by a group of employees that had worked for Nokia, and made its presence felt by rolling out its first mobile phone in November, 2013.

The shipment of the Sailfish will kick off in the second quarter of 2014 but the company will start accepting preorders through Jolla’s new Indiegogo campaign which kicked off last Wednesday where 1,000 devices were put up on sale in the web and were sold-out quickly.

The startup company has set its vision of raising $380,000 and disposing of 2,000 units until December 9. The company had already achieved its goal with flying colors with the help of the online buyers, but still the 2,000 sold units is so small compared with the number of units sold by big-timers Apple, Samsung and even Microsoft in the first day after unveiling a product.

The company is pinning its hope Sailfish OS to entice buyers on its fold. The Linux-based tablet revolves around a start page that displays all working applications in a single view. Aside from operating its generic apps, the tablet’s OS can also operate Android-based apps.

The sales director at Jolla, Taru Aalto, quipped “We believe that there is demand for this, and even though there are more than 400 Android tablets in the world there are no open-source Sailfish tablets. So this is something different from everything else.”

The Sailfish features resolution of 2048 by 1536 pixels and innards that is consists of 1.8 GHz quad-core processor from Intel, 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB storage data capacity that can be increased further using the microSD card slot. The tablet is equipped with 5-MP rear snapper and a 2-M front-facing camera. The tablet is lightweight at 384 grams and so slim at 8.3 millimeters.

The tablet hardware and the design are well-polished and according to the company’s spokesperson the tablet-friendly variant of its Sailfish OS is now a work in progress.

During the unveiling of the product in the Slush startup conference in Helsinki, Marc Dillon, the co-founder of Jolla beamed with pride as he holds the Sailfish tablet and did his best in whipping up a decent sales pitch. He even boasted about the worldwide distribution network Jolla has had established and the continued updates of its shipped smartphones. But Dillon never mentioned about how many phones were already sold and this is understandable since the company is still on its early years of existence and making the most out of their resources.


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