Facebook finally unveils Groups app for smartphones/mobile devices

Social media giant Facebook unveils its newly fangled Group App designed especially for mobile devices that will allow users to create fan page, community or group and intermingle with other people in various niches such as hobbies, sports, health, science, technology, food, geography, religion, culture, and the list goes on.

To date, Facebook boasts of 1.35 billion members on its fold, and over 700 million users are affiliated with at least one group. The site has also transformed as a mecca for millions and millions of individuals who are fond of sharing their opinions, ideas, point of views and knowledge in an assortment of issues in religion, technology, hobbies and among others.

The new app also allows the users to access Groups with relative ease. Moreover, users can also manage their own groups or be part of other groups through recommendations or by searching for different topics or groups that they are interested with.

Users can make shortcuts of their favorite group on their handset’s display for faster and easier access.

Facebook quipped, “As with its messaging app, having a stand-alone Groups function helps people share faster and more easily with all the groups in their life.”

Facebook aims to make its presence felt further in the smartphone industry by coming up with useful apps to enhance user interface. To pounce further on its popularity among its users, the company had acquired Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger and Paper.

Facebook’s Creative Labs already played a huge role in whipping up an assortment of apps that comes with different degrees of success.

The mobile news provider, Paper, hasn’t peaked yet just like the underachieving Slingshot which is groomed as a direct rival of Snapchat.

Messenger, which preceded the Creative Labs division, performed better, although it got a big lift from Facebook’s stealthy move of forcing the users to download the Messenger app after getting rid of the messaging feature from its mobile app. Facebook is probably aware that it has mammoth half billion users, hehe.

The company stated the people who would like to use the Facebook Groups need not use the stand-alone app. Users can use the Groups via Facebook app using their smartphones or in the Facebook’s website using their desktops, notebooks or laptops.


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