Google Play unravel the secrets of making successful money-generating Android apps

The Android mobile operating system is nestled on top of its niche and the figures will not lie. To date there are 50 billion apps and games in the web that can easily translate into whopping $5 billion revenue for the past 12 months.

Are there any key ingredients to successful launching of apps on Google Play? The answer to this is a resounding yes. Soon, the Android app developers will get a shot in their arms from Google Play to help them make the most out of their flair and creativity and eventually monetize their efforts.

Google is not renowned for sharing secrets but is always generous enough to provide hints, tips, pointers, cues, etc. to everyone who needs them from programmers to software developers to website owners.

In terms of blogging, Google constantly help website owners, bloggers and online writers on how to whip up decent contents to lure more viewers and earn further from the company’s Adsense.

The same can be said in the Android app development, as Google just whip up a new publication dubbed as “The Secrets to App Success on Google Play” and seriously promoting it.

The playbook is comprehensive and highly-detailed as it tackled an assortment of topics such as best practices and tools developers can use to maximize their target market, keep users glued to their products, and generate revenues for their efforts.

The guide which is available in English and in PDF format can be downloaded from Google Play. There are possibilities that the guide will be available in several languages in the coming days.

Google also provides sweet bonus for those who are residing in the United States or the United Kingdom, as the company is giving away limited number of the guide for free.

The six sections of the guide includes: Publishing on Google Play, Quality, Discoverability and Reach, Engagement and Retention, Monetization, Measurement with Google Analytics and Going Global.


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