Google’s Android Lollipop 5.0 for Nexus 5 plagued with a bug that gives rise to problems

Google has just launched its vaunted Android software Lollipop 5.0 for Nexus which provides up-to-date features, new look and feel to Nexus versions and even a handful of bug fixes. The software which captured the attention of many smartphones fans and users worldwide has suddenly lost its charm and sweetness.

The newly fangled mobile operating system has been built with a brand new appearance, special material language design with an engaging user interface, attractive graphic interface with sharp hues and crisp fonts, sleek surface and enhancements in overall performance.

In an earlier published post from a blog phone site, however, a developer lodged a complaint stating that Nexus 5 has been plagued with connectivity problems after upgrading its operating system with the Lollipop software. He quips that he has been saving passwords using the handset but still he cannot establish a connection with a network.  There are also similar problems that sprouted out in the middle of October and are reported by various developers. As of this moment there are no complaints that are filed against the Nexus 6. The problem can be attributed to the new version of the Lollipop software for the Nexus 5.

The users had also filed complaints about a wi-fi bug which is responsible for draining the devices’ battery life. A senior Google developer said that the problem could be trace to the not normal high frequency of IRQ battery wakeup events. He added that Google hasn’t discovered the solution to the problem as it just recently formed a team to examine the issue.

Users had also noticed that turning off the Wi-Fi gets rid of the problem so this would imply that the bug is directly connected to Wi-Fi.

This is a big blow for the technology behemoth Google as it had already been making series of experiments to extend battery life by coming up with new softwares thru the initiative of its project volta. Google’s initial endeavors were successful as the company garnered the needed outcomes with an Android KitKat 4.4 on Nexus 5.

The Lollipop was tipped to be an innovator on its niche but hasn’t lived up to the expectations of the majority just yet. Google hasn’t made confirmations about the bug’s impact on other devices. So far Nexus 9 tablet and Nexus 6 phablet are not affected by the bug.

Android piled up early success with the new software and was bought by various companies. But the software’s hot start eventually lost steam and fizzled out shortly after multiple bugs and problems were discovered. The users have other complaints as the bug also slowed down their phones after receiving updates in Nexus 5, 7 and 10. The woes doesn’t stop there as an assortment of problems like broken wi-fi connections and abnormal crashes while being plugged into a charger have also been taken into accounts. Lag generally occurs after installing apps which need a login.

Other problems that were reported by the users are: different issues with cellular data, corrupted data after installing the software, different problems with exchange service and Nexus 9 users are whining about an unusual error after getting the bug update. Scores of these problems now have solutions like closing the Google launcher to increase overall speed and clearing the cache partition data.



  1. Justin Gross says

    I am a software developer and systems administrator for an environmental company here in the greater Seattle and I have been running Android L final developer preview for a free weeks with absolutely none of these problems. I’ve flashed the final release as a secondary ROM and have yet to see any of these problems on the final release either. Lots of lamen, computer illiterate, idiots go and flash there phones with stupid toolkit’s which hide what is actually going on during the flash and then they complain about issues. I bet most of these users couldn’t wait for Android L and flashed L themselves using some developers custom ROM image with notes that it isn’t official. l has yet to be rolled out in mass and is still rolling out, shame on you impatient sheople. Learn about the technology your using or at the last don’t pretend you’re a “nerd” and go flash happy. If you legitimately are experiencing issue’s? FLASH KitKat back or if you want Lollipop THAT BAD, try developer final.

  2. Erik Jorgensen says

    I am just a regular Joe Smoe, flashed up the previews and had very issues. Flashed up the official version and also have had no issues, especially the ones mentioned in the article. I love it.

  3. Justin H says

    I flashed the official 5.0 release from Google’s website using Google’s adb software and have had zero problems. It’s a lot more reliable than OTA, just back everything up and follow the instructions. I went from KitKat to Lollipop in about 2 hours and had all my apps and data back without incident.

  4. Colin w says

    Yea, I don’t know if its just my phone but, after the update my screen brightness will go dark then it will randomly become bright again… Maybe its to save baterylife. But I think its irritating

  5. vishak says

    i updated my os to lollipop for nexes 5 and i found out that there is no galley. so if u know some thing about this pls help me.
    thank u

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