Raspberry Pi launches small but terrible $20 Raspberry Pi Model A+

Raspberry Pi has just launched a minute device that is capable of getting things done fast and right. Dubbed by its creators as Raspberry Pi Model A+, this minuscule microcomputer is well-suited of doing a lot of things like functioning like a cell phone, playing games, web browsing, watching video, computing and the list goes on,

The British engineering foundation has unleashed its most up-to-date version, ultra-slim, 2.5 inch-long (6.5cm) and priced at only £15.50 in the United Kingdom and $20 in the United States.

This lovely machine is energy-efficient and a perfect fit for programmers too as one will be able to learn the concepts of computing, programming and even hacking.

It is so portable that it can easily fit into one’s packet as it weighs only 23 grams. It comes with an audio jack, and has slot for a micro SD card and a USB socket to link to other devices.

The Model A+ had been whipped up by Raspberry Pi, a Cambridge-based charity, which unveiled its original and microcomputer a couple of years back. From then on the device became an instant hit and now employed in a lot of schools in the UK to teach coding.

The director of hardware engineering quipped ‘We want to get them into the hands of children so they can learn about computers and programming.” He added, “Parents might not want to let children play about on computers, but this gives them access to technology at an affordable price.”



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