Facebook launches ‘Say Thanks’ tool that help users create customized Video Cards for their loved ones

Internet giant Facebook has just unveiled a customized video creation tool which it dubs as Say Thanks. The tool can let users make personalized video cards for their loved ones, friends, relatives and the list goes on.

This development is tipped as a stratagem of Facebook to entice more users to share videos.

The customized video card that one can be able to create using the versatile tool is an amalgam of preset themes, posts and photos.

Facebook quipped on a blog post that the users’ friends form the nucleus of the new experience, and the firm will always develop means to help them celebrate their companionships.

The firm also stated that the users can share “Say Thanks” video cards with their bosom friends, partners, relatives, coworkers, old acquaintances and the list goes on.

The Say Thanks tool is capable of making videos that are shareable (can be posted in the user’s timeline as well as on their friends’)

To make a thoughtful and thankful video you may hit the link: facebook.com/thanks, and then choose one of your Facebook friends to come up with a video that you would like to send. Keep in mind that you can preview the video before sending it.

Facebook had also said that the users can opt for a different theme and at the same time edit images and posts that symbolizes your friendship.

Shortly after the users are done with their videos, they can click share and may write a short and sincere message before posting it on their timeline. The recipient will automatically have his/her name tagged to ensure that the video will appear on his/her timeline and will also receive a notification.

The tool is now accessible in both desktop and mobile platforms in available in different languages such as English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Turkish and Indonesian.

And last but definitely not the least Facebook said that you can send as many personalized videos as want to your connections.

The users who cherish enduring friendships will surely tip their hats on Facebook for this just like me :).


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