Apple rolls out an online tool to solve iMessage app problems

Technology giant Apple Inc. has rolled out an online tool to once and for all repair the bug that enables the sent messages via iMessage app of iPhones vanish in thin air once the user shifted to the Android platform. This online tool will let the users’ handsets not to register their phone numbers from iMessage even if they are no longer using their iPhone handsets, so that the user will not send an iMessage any longer.

Many iPhones users has shifted or mulling about switching to other mobile operating systems platforms like Android or Windows Phone because of this problem.

Because of the bug, the users who shifted from iOS to other mobile platforms but failed to decouple their phone number from iMessage system will continue to appear as iMessage users and will go on with receiving iMessages from their connections.

Since the iMessage is restricted to Apple devices, the messages weren’t sent as SMS and will eventually vanish as the recipients will not be able to receive the messages that are intended for them.

Last May this year, Apple was meted out with a lawsuit because of the iMessage bug. The lawsuit alleged that Apple hadn’t made any announcements about shifting from iOS to other mobile operating system will pave the way for lost sent messages. The lawsuit is founded on contractual interference and unjust competition laws.

There are other earlier reports about the problems of using the iMessage. Just last month, Apple admitted that a bug is responsible for failed iMessages that cannot be resent as text messages as if the service is down, although the text messages could’ve been sent without failure.

There was little controversy surrounding the beleaguered iMessage as a security firm disclosed that Apple can read iMessages of its users whenever it wants to. The researchers demonstrated the vulnerability of the app, but made it clear that the company will read messages only if the company wants it to or it is upon the requests of the government.

The spokeswoman from Apple Trudy Miller assails the researchers’ claims and stated that iMessage is not made to permit Apple to hover over messages and the claims whipped up by the researchers only talked about the app’s vulnerabilities.


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