Texting drivers knows the risks while driving

People are aware that texting and driving at the same time is dangerous but they still do it.

In a survey backed up mobile communications giant AT&T implicating drivers who text every day wherever they are, 98% of the respondent said that they are aware that texting while driving is dangerous. About 75% of the respondents revealed that they are texting while driving even they know that the law is opposed to it and making campaigns to discourage drivers from texting while aboard their vehicles.

About 67% of the respondents revealed that they hover over messages when the traffic light is set at red. While more than ¼ of the population revealed that they are texting while driving and the same figure was obtained with people who revealed that they can “can easily do several things at once, even while driving” while also texting.

AT&T rolled out the survey and the same time has just made its free app on large scale that can silenced text messages alerts and will automatically alert the driver when his vehicle reaches a rate of 15 mph or more. This app is especially built for the drivers and it comes with an option to turn it off. The DriveMode app is available to AT&T patrons with BlackBerry and Android phones. Soon this app will be available on iPhones as well.

A study was whipped up last May and the respondents were cellphone owners with their ages ranging from 16 to 65 years old who drives and texts once  every day.

The survey disclose that various reasons why respondents were driving and texting at the same time. Around 43% of the respondents say they text to get connected with their contacts and work. Many of the responded stated that texting and driving is part of their daily routine. Around  28% of the respondents quip that they text so as not to miss something important if turned off their mobile devices. More than a quarter say texting doesn’t pose any hassles at all while driving, while the same number of respondents think that people expect them to reply right away. Surprisingly 6% of the population revealed that they are addicted to texting, 14% says that they feel so worried if they don’t text back immediately and 17% feels satisfaction while they read and reply to a text message.


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