2015 Ford Edge price unveiled

Predictions with respect to the pricing of the forthcoming 2015 Ford Edge have been dished out by various car experts. Considering the enhancements whipped up on the car, most of the experts come with price increase forecasts of up to $5,000.

Finally the guessing game and waiting game is over, as the 2015 edition of the Ford Edge’s has now been disclosed, well, sort of. The entry level price of the sleek car starts at $28,995 (base price of 28,100 with added $895 for the destination charge) according to the earlier news reports from various sites and blogs.

This will imply that the vehicle will be pegged at a price somewhere in the vicinity of the price point line that was earlier setup. The price of the car is good news for Ford fans and aficionados, for they are cinched to get cool features from the car such as 2-liter EcoBoost engine with a forceful 245 HP output (first time for the brand in the US) and 270 lb-ft torque. This additional enhancement makes the car a value-for-money offering.

Moreover, improvements were evident in the car’s driving system, including added features like the company’s “adaptive steering” technology, which provide users control with pinpoint accuracy even during complicated maneuvers. This feature is included in the default Sport package, but in the Titanium (the extra charge for this package is not disclosed yet).

In a nutshell, the release and announcement of the price of the Ford Edge can be a source of great elation on the part of the people who have shown great interest for the 2015 Ford Edge and for those who lingers for a more value with their hard earned money.

The price Ford will charge for the more advanced Sport and Titanium versions are not yet revealed yet, although if they employ the same pricing levels for the new editions, potential buyers will have more ideas of what to expect. The new editions are expected to come up with more superior and sweeping features, hence they will obviously command higher pricing.



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