New fangled Lenovo handset: iPhone 6 lookalike?

Apple Inc. has bowled over competition with the release of its flagship phones, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus two months ago. This development propelled Apple Inc. in the top of the high-end smartphone niche nosing out its arch rival Samsung. The two mobile phone brands sold like pancakes worldwide and come up with record-breaking feats to boot. Now there is brand of smartphone from Lenovo that endeavors to look like the fancied iPhone 6 and is on high hopes that it will gain success as well.

The Chinese-based handset producer Lenovo launches this week its S90 “Sisley” smartphone which looks like iPhone 6 clone. Sisley comes with similar 6.9 mm thickness, design, and curved edges, and is quite difficult to differentiate which is which while you take a quick glimpse of the two phones or if you are looking from a distance

The advertisements of Lenovo that were rolled out by Gizmobic, will show that S90 may seem look like a replica of the iPhone 6. Even the leafy wallpaper of the iPhone 6 wasn’t spared as it was also mimicked.

But often the ones that are imitated almost always come with superior features. While iPhone is run by iOS, the S90 on the other end is powered by Android. S90 is equipped with a bigger camera and has an inferior resolution screen display as opposed to that of the iPhone 6.

The two devices do have their differences. For one, Sisley is an Android phone. It has a bigger camera and a lower resolution display than the iPhone 6.

Lenovo is aware of the similarities in the physical looks of the two phones, but shrugs off allegations of being a copycatt, because the external appearance of the S90 was designed at least one year ahead of the unveiling of the iPhone 6.

Apple is not new to waging wars against probable imitators. Three years ago the technology titan filed a lawsuit against Samsung for purportedly imitating the designs of its iPhone and iPad. Just recently, Apple enters the warpath even as its chief designer Jony Ive hurled stinging accusations against another Chinese-based smarphone producer Xiaomi of stealing their designs.


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