Facebook new feature allow users to see lesser news feeds from friends

To date, the Internet giant Facebook has more than 1.35 billion users (as of September 2014) worldwide, and this is tipped top grow further as days goes. This whopping info is not surprising since aside from its popularity and great features, the social media company often comes up with new features to keep the users glued.

Facebook has released another comprehensive menu settings for the users, which allows them not to see less significant updates on their news feed without resorting to unfollowing them.

Back then users had to opt for either following or unfollowing a certain friend, but this is a thing of the past now. At this time the, the users can notify Facebook to show lesser updates on their news feed from their friends.

According to the TheVerge.com, Facebook features new master view that let users see everyone they are following and friends that they have unfollowed, and eventually switch pepole in and out of of their lists.

The new setting also works in groups or pages and at the same time restrain pages that are inundated with news feed and are exceedingly noisy, though the number of how much content will be restrained employing the new feature of seeing less is not yet disclosed and confirmed.


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