Gmail’s Inbox app for desktops, iOS and Android devices: Organized, user-friendly, free

Google’s Gmail is still the undisputed heavyweight champion when it comes to providing gallant e-mail service in all four corners of the world. The testament of this is Gmail has more than half billion active users and the number of its users is  growing at a startling rate of 1 million every week.

Gmail  is so popular because it is user-friendly and comes with useful features the users really love. To top it all the e-mail provider titan often add features to the delight of the users.

Now the Gmail has just unveiled another feature which it dubs as Inbox, it is actually an app which is curtailed to optimize user experience. The app, which is still on its restricted testing and it is so far available through an invite-only basis. The app gets inspiration from some smaller e-mail apps and comes with more features like making reminders and command your account to resend an e-mail ahead of time. Users can organize their emails automatically into different “bundles” like “Promos,” “Travels,” and whatever you want, so as to make life a little more comfortable. So also, the users can  also fine-tune their folders.

The app also pounces on the Google’s forte which is searching for keywords and phrases. If you intend to go out for a hearty dinner with your family and/or friends, Gmail can come up with reminders and info from its search engine on where to go and how you can contact them by phone or mobile device.

The Inbox app will certainly makes sending and receiving emails simpler and even fun. This app is a must-have for those who like their emails organized all the time, otherwise you may still settle for the old Gmail. Currently it is free but only through invite-only basis. You may acquire an invitation by sending an email request to, especially for individuals with iOS and Android devices.



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