Amazon unveils Echo speaker with built-in voice assistant and sweeping features.

Amazon will attempt to catch fire with the launching of its newest speaker which it dubs as Echo, a device that comes with built-in voice assistant and enticing features.

The Echo, which is pegged at $199, is definitely many notches better than the average speaker since aside from playing your favorite music it is also loaded with features such as providing news, weather updates and latest information from the web whenever you like.

Amazon quipped that Echo will start listening to your commands every time you utter “Alexa,” a feature which can be likened to Google’s “Okay Google” and Microsoft’s “Hey Cortana”.

Amazon also cited some examples of phrases which the built-in voice assistant recognizes like “will it rain tomorrow?,” “play music by Bruno Mars,” “add gelato to my shopping list,” “Wikipedia: Abraham Lincoln” and “play my dinner party playlist.”

The voice recognition ability of the device is made possible with its seven microphones, and it is run by Amazon’s cloud.

The internet titan avers that the versatile device is capable of getting familiar with the user as time goes by, as it will get used to the speech patterns and inclinations.

The Echo has a voice support for TuneIn, Amazon Music, Prime Music and iHeartRadio. However, If you intend to use the iTunes and other services you may you settle for Bluetooth.

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