Larger than life Emojis may soon make its debut with more skin tones

Unicode Consortium, the company who give rise to an assortment of emoji designs, proposed its plan of adding five more skin tones to the emojis.

The animated emojis are actually ideograms or smileys that are employed in Japanese electronic messages and webpages, and its popularity is spreading rapidly like forest fire worldwide. The emojis are employed much like the emoticons or kaomoji in Japa but comes with wide-range of character and are standardized and whipped up for mobile devices. The small faces and characters are also used to convey different emotions in the electronic messaging.

Some of the emoji depicts the way of life in Japan, such as bowing, face masks, white flower (for bright research) or popular foods like ramen, curry and sushi.

ABC News earlier on its report reveals that according to Unicode Consortium people want emojis to replicate their own personality through the tone of the skin. This is not surprising since people like their personality to be implanted with anything they get involved with.

Unicode Consortium disclosed that it intends to modify the color palate for the yellowish pictographs that are used in emails, text messages and other social posts.

If the group’s plan will get approval, the Unicode’s forthcoming version 8.0 would come with the new feature which is expected to make its debut next year.

The anticipated skin tones are anchored on five of the six categories found in the Fitzpatrick Classification scale which was estabilsed by dermatologist Thomas Fitzpatrick in 1975 at Harvard Medical School.


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