Microsoft join forces with Dropbox in mobile niche

For the past many months we have witnessed the breakups of high profile companies but Microsoft and Dropbox just did the exact opposite which is to join forces with each other. Besides the cliché “two heads is better than one is” always practical anyways.

The two companies agreed to let the users employ both Microsoft Office and Dropbox at the same while working on with their documents, spreadsheets and presentations on different platforms such as mobile devices, tablets and the Internet.

To date, there over 1.2 billion of individuals that utilize Microsoft’s Office software and on the other end, Dropbox claim that is the haven to more than 35 billion Office files.

The tie up will now a allow a Dropbox user to edit Office files using the iPhone or make a PowerPoint presentation in Office on an iPad and store it at Dropbox instead of saving it to Microsoft’s own service OneDrive.

There caveat, however, is that Dropbox users can be able to make and edit Office documents if they subscribe to Office 365, mobile and web version of Office.

The features will be release on Dropbox and Office apps for iOS and Android tablets, and will be available on the Internet in the near year. The features of the application of the Dropbox will also hit Windows Phone and Windows tablet in the near future.

The move seals the strong relationship between Dropbox and the software giant. Several months ago the Dropbox had released some user-friendly Office features for businesses to the delight of the users.

Dropbox is growing rapidly and it is the high time for the company to forge alliance with popular and established companies in the mobile application niche.

Microsoft is on an attempt to bridge the gap as it is quite lagging behind in the smartphone market and it is spearheaded by Chief Executive Satya Nadella’s who aims for “mobile-first and cloud-first world” concept by forging an alliance with the famous productivity software.

Microsoft had minced words about Dropbox as a “little start-up” and an “isolated, single solution” application.

Just before the tie, its service OneDrive is the direct rival Dropbox. But instead of getting rid of it off services that already carved out a niche in the industry, Microsoft is now teaming up with them.

Corporate vice president of Microsoft Office 365 client applications, Kirk Koenigsbauer quipped, “Today Office and Dropbox work really well together on the desktop but people have multiple devices and need to have access to productivity tools everywhere,” and he added, “This is an important extension into the mobile space.”

Dropbox on the other end is broadening its market portfolio by penetrating the mobile market mobile.

Initially whipped up as a desktop app in 2007, it now commands a mammoth 300 million users worldwide, aided by the dramatic surge of the smartphone and tablet and people’s yearning to get acquire files wherever they are or what device they are using.

The head of product at Dropbox, Ilya Fushman said, “I think this is going to be a huge win-win for knowledge and productivity workers around the world.”


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