AT&T offers juicier data plans for smartphone users

To turn the tide on its favor in the very stiff price war that is looming in the mobile communications niche, AT&T has just whipped up new sweet data plans offerings for mobile phones users. This stratagem has been made to keep abreast with the growing trend where wireless providers hand out more data cap for its consumers without the added costs.

As mobile devices comes with more features, the smartphones users are clamoring for more gigabytes of data to allow them to send more images, browse more web pages, download music and watch videos.

Beginning Sunday, AT&T customers may opt for 3 GB of data for $40/month or 6 GB for $70/month. This is a big improvement from its previous offerings of 2 GB for $40/month and 4 GB for $70/ month.

Aside from the data charges, the AT&T will also command a monthly “smartphone access charge” of $40 for customers who agree to standard two year contracts. A program which the company called as AT&T Next, will allow the customers to acquire a new handset each year with the monthly access fee is pegged at $25 per line. The offer doesn’t end there though as the company states that all of its value plans will come up with unlimited talk and text.

AT&T says that the plans are value-for-money offerings as the users will get more data than the previous deal.

Sprint set the tone for the price war in August when it had unwrapped a deal with an unlimited data plan for just $60 per month. Earlier this month Verizon have made its own move as it disclosed that their plans’ data cap will increase two-fold.


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