InternetArchive’s over 900 free classic video/arcade games for the young at heart

There is definitely no time machine for young at heart like me to experience the good old times of being a kid again, but there is a site that offers free arcade/video games to let you travel back the memory lane to once again relish the excitement the arcade games have provided many moons ago. Yes, there is now the Internet Archive  ( to provide you the opportunity to play classic arcade/video games that flourished in the late 80’s and 90’s with zest and gusto.

Back then, arcade/video games were present in countless places and at homes all over many countries like the United States, the Philippines, Europe, Japan, South Korea, and among others. But this is a thing of the past now since the next-generation computer games, mobile phone games and gaming devices (Xbox, PS4, etc.) now reigns supreme these days.

The site boasts of more than 900 classic arcade games and also brings together web pages, text, audio and other digital data in the web.

The great games of the yesteryears such as Dig Dug, Galaga, Pac Man, Street Fighter, Golden Axe and among others are now just several clicks away from you now.

The games employs a program named JSMESS, that can mimic old gaming platforms like the Commodore 64, Atari 2600, and hundreds more games are run using Javascript. Prolific programmer Jason Scott disclosed few days ago that he customized the program to support hundreds of arcade games.

“Of the roughly 900 arcade games (yes, nine hundred arcade games) up there, some are in pretty weird shape – vector games are an issue, scaling is broken for some, and some have control mechanisms that are just not going to translate to a keyboard or even a joypad,” Scott said and he added, “But damn if so many are good enough. More than good enough. In the right browser, on a speedy machine, it almost feels perfect. The usual debates about the ‘realness’ of emulation come into play, but it work[ed].”

Now what are you waiting for (good ole) folks, now is the high time to play the games that you have enjoyed thoroughly before and it is always a good idea to play with your friends and even introduce it your kids, nephews and nieces.


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