Apple iPad Pro rumors, release date, features and tipped to challenge Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3

If the rumors about the release of the iPad Pro will materialize, this will imply that Apple Inc will be in direct collision course against Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3.

The 12.2-inch iPad Pro is an oversized tablet that can function both as a tablet and notebook that comes with a specially made detachable keyboard.


According to an earlier report published by the website MacRumors, the iPro is forecasted to have a resemblance of the Microsoft’s offering which sports a quite bigger 12.9 inches screen display.


The rumors sprouted out from various sources said that the iPad Pro will combine both the speakers and microphones at the top and bottom edges.


The iPad Pro will be a little slimmer than the iPad Air and iPhone 6 Plus, but quite thicker than the iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6. The table for the iPad Pro, however, will have a depth in the vicinity of 7 mm.


The speculators also expect that the iPad Pro will feature an Intel’s Core M processor which is also present in Mac desktop computers. It will also be peppered with an iSight, Lightning connector and the Touch-ID sensor.

The iPad Pro could have been manufactured by volumes this December, but with the tremendous demand for the red-hot iPhones (6 and 6 Plus), the suppliers’ moved the start of the mass production early next year.

Apple is indeed firing in all cylinders after humbling electronics giant Samsung in the smartphone niche for the first time just few two months ago, with the successful release of its red-hot flagship handsets the company endeavors to cut down to size another behemoth in the relatively new territory – tablet/notebook hybrid segment.



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