Top 4 awesome messaging apps for Windows Phones

The report published by CNET has just disclosed the top messaging apps for smartphones that run the Windows mobile operating system.

Here is the list:

Facebook Messenger

First in the list is Facebook Messenger which has obtained a neat CNET rating of 4 out of 5 stars for an 80% clip.

Advantages: Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone comes with an impressive design and many sweeping features to get connected with your loved ones, friends, colleagues and the list goes on.

The caveat: Facebook Messenger has chat heads with smartphones that run iOS and Android apps, but unfortunately it is not yet available in Window phones. Moreover, users cannot be able to send recorded voice messages or make voice calls with the app.

Price: It is free

In a nutshell: Before using the Facebook Messenger app you will need to download it to enjoy the same chatting features offered by Facebook’s website with your Windows phone.

WhatsApp Messenger

Just like the Facebook Messenger, the WhatsApp Messenger also carved out a decent score of 4 out of 5 stars (80%).

Advantages: This versatile app allows users to send text messages free with their contacts regardless of what mobile operating system their smartphones runs. The app is beefed up with decent customization tools, group chat features and easy location adding.

The Caveat: Since the app’s popularity is not yet fully established, you will need to convince your friends to download the app.

Price: The first year of usage is free but will costs you 99 cents annually thereafter.

In a nutshell: Though it offers limited useful features, WhatsApp Messenger is an exceptional option for sending free texts to your friends regardless of what mobile operating systems the recipients’ phones runs.


Skype has registered 3.5 stars out of 5 (70%), which is above average.

Advantages:  The app is user-friendly and thrives on simplicity as it allows users to call, video chat and instant-message their contacts with relative ease and no trouble at all.

The caveat: The app’s video quality is not crisp even with a fast Wi-Fi connection around. The users cannot make or manage their Skype account from the app.

The cost: Free.

In a nutshell: Skype for Windows Phone is simple and easy to use.  It is a stable app which is well-suited for free video calls and sending messages, but it sub par video quality can be disappointing.


Last but definitely the least is the BBM which collared 3.5 out of 5 stars (70%) just like the Skype app.

Advantages: BBM for Windows Phone is fast and nice-looking app that comes with plenty of features that BlackBerry fans will certainly enjoy.

The caveat: The app surprisingly has no video chatting feature and comes with limited notifications.

The cost: Free.

In a nutshell: BBM for Windows Phone is a great way to socialize with BlackBerry fans, but other rival apps provide more features and commands more followers.



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