Tinder now ripe for premium subscription-based option according to industry analysts

Dating app Tinder has made a giant stride since its inception in 2012 and the analysts in the industry say that it is strong enough to provide subscription-based option to its members.

The free app which is now the top dating app for iPhones, iPad and smartphones that run Android mobile operating system and iOS, is whipped up by the tandem of Justin Mateen and Sean Rad two years ago and curtails to a whopping 15 million matches daily. The intimacy the members may have established may not be strong enough as compared with the alleged claims of dating sites such as Match.com or Plenty of Fish, still the platform has yielded countless success over the years as relationships are nurtured with time, tender, love and care anyways.

The beauty of the app lies on its simplicity: users just upload their photographs, provide brief descriptions about themselves and voila, their profiles are stored in the regional database of the app to make them available for browsing.

Swiping is the name of the game. Swiping left will enable users to jump to the next profile, the same thing will happen whilst swiping right, but keep in mind that the latter will give rise to potential matches.

Moreover, if both users have their own photos swiped to the right, Tinder will notify them that they have found their potential matches. Once the matches have been forged it is now up to the users to grind their way to select and reject, getting to know each other well, build bonds and even make relationships flourish in the days to come.

At this time, the population of the members of Tinder has grown tremendously for the past two years and it is big enough to accommodate a premium subscription-based option that will eventually help the creators of the app monetize their immense hard work and effort.

Social media consultant Damien Mulley, an Irish, quipped that users in his home country are willing to shell out money for premium services, especially if it is a value-for-money option. Happiness is priceless for many and people are willing to pay for the premium services because of this.

Tinder’s community is tipped to grow even bigger and stronger as days go by and it is now a trend to join the Tinder bandwagon. According to Mulley, the population of Tinder is probably greater than what the industry has estimated considering that there are individuals who are shy and would rather opt for making their love life confidential.

Dating apps and sites reign supreme especially when the traditional methods of searching for a potential lover and even mate, falls short, Tinder sizzles because of this.


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