Why people spend more time with dating app Tinder than both Facebook and Instagram?

These days searching for true love can be a daunting task but thank goodness there are a lot of dating apps and sites where you can find your potential lover and even your lifetime mate. Sounds good isn’t it, but it is true.

When it comes to online dating, the Tinder app is one of the most preferred ones, but looking for someone that will suit your taste and preference using this app can be tedious and time consuming as you will hover over countless profiles and engage with unending chat with your matches. But don’t you worry you will enjoy doing it just like the other users who are hooked up with this app.

In an earlier report from The New York Times, Tinder members usually use the app at an average of 11 times per day. The women usually spend up to 8.5 minutes looking through matches per visit, while their male counterparts spend 7.2 minutes. So this will imply that the users spend an average of 77 minutes per day which is better than that of the time spent by the users of both Facebook and Instagram.

The Instagram users spend an average of 21 minutes to upload and share photographs and video, and as of July this year, the Americans spend an average of 40 minutes a day on social media site Facebook to chat, check and read messages, play games, socialize, make rants, boasts and list goes on.

This is no longer startling as people are born to reproduce and it is natural for the vast majority to get hooked up with dating so as to find romance, love and even their potential mate.

Tinder sizzles because of its features of being a user-friendly and simple. There is no need to hover over long and monotonous profiles or spend a lot of time answering lengthy questionnaires to become a member.

If you are in search for a companion, partner, lover or whatever it is, I guess it is the high time to give the app a try and who knows the true love you are yearning for lurks here.


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