HP rolled out a 3D printer and prolific desktop computer to spark sales

Hewlett-Packard will attempt to regain its lofty status as a technology hipster and get back into the thick of things as it has just launched at an event in New York on Wednesday its high-speed 3-D printer which is well-suited for big companies and an enhanced desktop computer.

The two products have been whipped up by HP’s printing and personal systems division, which will break away into another company named HP Inc. starting next year.

Moreover, the two devices were groomed to augment the company’s sale and dubbed the tandem as ‘blended reality,’ an amalgam of the 3D reality and 2D images on screens. Just like the other devices that have been dished out by the company, the two products will help the company gather the much-needed momentum it needs.


The executive vice president of printing and personal systems Dion Weisler said, “When our physical world and digital world comes together, that’s when magic happens.” He added, “When inputs and outputs are seamless. Imagine thought to expression in an instant.”


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