Next to Samsung and Apple, China’s Xiaomi now the third-largest smartphone seller in the world

In the mobile phone segment, the Nordic nation Finland used to have Nokia, Taiwan has HTC, South Korea has Samsung, Canada has Blackberry, the United States has Apple and Microsoft and now the world’s most populous country China has again something to crow about and as its very own Xiaomi which has just seized the title as the world’s largest smarphone seller nosing out compatriot Huawie according to earlier reports.

According to the new industry study, the three-year old Chinese-based company now trails Samsung and Apple in the smartphone device market. Trailing behind Xiaomi is another Chinese company Huwaei. China now boasts of the third and fourth largest smartphone vendors in the world.

According to Strategy Analytics, Xiaomi collared six percent of the 320 million smarphone units shipped from July through September. Skidding Samsung chipped in 25% dropping from 35% compared to the same period last year. Apple cornered 12% of the sold units and poised to improve further in the last quarter of the year as its flagship iPhones received praises and mammoth following.

The Executive Director Neil Mawston of the Strategy Analytics said that the Xiaomi was the star performer as it held its own against Apple in the top-of-the-shelves smartphone category, Huawei in the midrange-tiers and Lenovo and others in the low-tiers.

Xiaomi smartphones are lording over on its bulwark China and has recently penetrated lucrative Indian market, where it vends mobile devices solely via e-commerce site Flipkart.

Vice President Hugo Barra told Reuters in Bangalore a month ago that Xiaomi has set a target of selling 100,000 phones per week in India in October as the South Asian country celebrates Diwali.


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