Nintendo registered robust sales in the last 2 quarters, Wii U sales up by more than 100%

Nintendo has summoned back its good ole self as it raked in a whopping net income of $132M for the past two quarters eclipsing the company’s $65.41M net income  for the same period last year.

According to Reuters Nintendo’s sales gathered steam from July to September as it amassed $86 million thanks to the red-hot performance of its Wii U. The overseas earnings of the company had received a shot in the arm with the weak value of the yen. Experts earlier speculated that the company will incur sizable losses in the last quarter, but it is the exact opposite as the company even had a strong net income.

The unexpected reversal of fortune will imply that Nintendo is on the verge of registering not only a positive profit but a hefty one this year at around $367M and now on the right track of its prediction for this year. The company suffered a big blow last year as it was dealt with $421M loss.

Wii U performed well as it chipped in a decent performance with 1.1 million units sold from April through September which is more than twice better compared with the same period last year.  The company’s software has also submitted plausible as 9.4 million units  sold for the period which improved to almost 50% compared to the same period last year thanks to the strong and consistent performance of Mario Kart 8and Hyrule Warriors.

To date there were 7.29 million Wii U units sold globally and it is now ranked second to Sony’s PlayStation which had sold over 10 million units (as of August) and way ahead of Xbox Ones of the software giant Microsoft which had sold 5 million units (as of April).

However, there is a chink on the armor of the video game giant as is its  3DS hardware sales had plummeted to just 2.09 million units compared to 3.89 million sold units for the same period last year . Nintendo added that it sold around 23 million software units for the period, which is way below the 27 million units sold last year.

Nintendo is seemed poised to cut its rivals down to size further in the coming months as its new-found strategy of  cruising these systems from first-party release to first-party release is making wonders. The company found a new lease in life with the surprising rise of Mario Kart 8. In the coming months, the 3DS segment of the company will hinge on the Bayonetta 2, while Amiibo and Super Smash Bros.  will carry the cudgels for the vaunted Wii U.

The company is expected to be a tougher nut to crack next year as it will soon release vaunted titles such as SplatoonMario MakerMario Party 10, Xenoblade Chronicles XYoshi’s Wooly World and potential epic the Legend of Zelda.


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