Microsoft to Banish Nokia Name From its New Smartphones

Microsoft has just announced last Friday that it will get rid of the name Nokia from its Lumia handset models a follow up to its acquisition of the Finnish-based Nokia’s mobile phone division.

Tuula Rytila, the Microsoft’s senior vice president of marketing for phones quipped that the rebranding is “a natural progression as all devices that once came from Nokia now come from Microsoft.” Rytia added that, “Lumia is now part of a compelling family of Microsoft products like Xbox, Windows and Surface along with a range of services such as Skype, Office and Bing.”

Rytila stated in an interview on the Nokia discussion blog that there is still no certain date of its rebranding but their company is looking forward to the launching of the Microsoft Lumia devices in the near future.

Microsoft will still retain the name Nokia for its low-tier mobile devices like the Nokia 130, which is under a license agreement between the two companies.

The Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia which is worth a whopping $7.5 billion was concluded last April this year.

During its heydays Nokia used to be the world leader in mobile phones and in fact the company has become a household name, but technology giant Apple appears from nowhere to steal the limelight from the company in 2007 with its iPhones. Samsung then followed as it added more woes to Nokia by coming up with large-screened smartphones that dramatically received mammoth following.

To date Microsoft has been struggling to compete with Apple and Samsung with its Windows handsets. The research firm Strategy Analytics said that, Windows only accounted for measly 2.5 percent of the smartphone market in the second quarter this year, which is comprised mostly of Nokia and a small number of other manufacturers.


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