Apple is still looking for sapphire screen supplier after severing ties with GTAT

After severing ties with its former supplier for its sapphire screen needs, this will not imply that Apple will dump the idea of not using the super tough cut stone for their screen panel displays. The technology giant is now shopping for other sapphire screen providers to fill the big shoes left behind by GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT).

The partnership of Apple and GTAT had soured few weeks back and led to the breakup. Apple stated that they would still ponder on working with its former supplier in the future. It is still to be seen whether Apple will forge a tie-up with GTAT just like the good ole days or simply come up with the raw materials with another company in order to finish off the screen display sooner or later.

How the relationships between the two companies come into a bitter end? Several weeks ago the two companies arrived at a settlement and it was unraveled that GT Advanced Technologies had been forced to streamline the company no thanks to its bankruptcy and has no longer the capacity to produce the supplies needed by Apple. The Cupertino-based company put salt in the wound further by allowing GTAT to secure its intellectual property which is the screen’s display design itself and refund Apple’s initial investment in the project which is worth $349 million.

GTAT along with its production of electronic products is still focused on the raw development of sapphire displays by supplying companies with their equipments to manufacture the screens on their own. Though GTAT and Apple have parted ways, the two companies still compensates each other. The two companies will still continue to share information in the development process of the screen display and this might paved the way for another prolific partnership in the days to come.


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