Oculus Rift’s features raised the bar several notches in the virtual reality gaming niche

The wave of the future has finally emerged as Oculus Rift raised the bar several notches further in the gaming niche with its newest virtual reality offering. Virtual reality has captured the imagination of the players and developers and it just opened the floodgate for cutting-edge games that are cinched to give user experience like no other. Thanks to the fruitful Kickstarter drive, the Oculus Rift hasn’t just level the battlefield, but also turns the tide of war into their favor. Oculus Rift is now lying on top unscathed in the realms of virtual reality.

The Oculus Rift features a headpiece that appears like snowboarding goggles, but it comfortably fits well into the face. This headpiece is linked with a computer via a box.


With its sensors, the Oculus can imitate motion at a full 360 degrees every time the players move their heads and it is loaded with crisp high resolution screen which will become the envy of other virtual reality developers. The Oculus may have a lot to offer to the gamers but it is not flawless and the chink on its armor is that its cord can be disruptive and may reduce dexterity. Hopefully this flak will get resolved as it the gadget gains popularity as days goes by.


There are a handful of demonstrations that will help you get the feel of the Oculus and you may also try some notable games to get the hang of it. The Oculus showed its promising potential well in the horror games as players are warped in a world that is filled with terror, twists and unending hair-raising experiences in a lifelike environment and scary sound effects.


The popularity of the Oculus has grown dramatically over the years, and it is not surprising that the big time players in industry are bullish on throwing their investments. With this in mind, this well pave the way for more interesting, enthralling and compelling games in the coming days.


If you linger for lifelike games and get a slice of the future you may place your pre-order development kit for $350. This kit will provide you the opportunity to try out several demos and playable games, to develop your gaming skills and get the look and feel of the gaming gadget.


You may shell out a decent amount of money for this wonderful virtual reality but it is a win-win situation at the end since you will be treated to the new generation of gaming that offers endless possibilities.



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