Apple’s iMac with 5K retina display flaunts specs and upbeat for the festive season

Apple has now installed itself as a potent force to reckon in the technology segment as its product lineup for this year received mammoth following and praises en route to a robust sale. The record-setting performance of the company in terms of sold units and revenues is propped up by the strong showing of its flagship phones (iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus).

Riding on the wave of its success it carved out for the past few months, the company again hugged the limelight just recently with the release of its highly anticipated iPads and iMacs.

The iMacs that technology giant company has just recently unveiled comes with sweeping enhancements that are cinched to bring joy to would-be users.

The newest edition of the iMac comes with 5K Retina display and a generous 5120×2880 screen resolution. This is twice the vertical and horizontal lines of its precursor 27-inch iMac (2,560 by 1,440 display resolution) and 27-inch Apple Thunderbolt Display, which also boasts of impressive features and specs.

The crisp resolution that Apple has sprinkled with on its new iMac gained praised as its texts are so sharp, videos are impressively realistic and the images are highly-detailed.

The new iMac features quad-core processors, high-performance graphics, Fusion Drive and Thunderbolt 2. With its impressive portfolio the iMac that is peppered with Retina 5K display will easily make it as the most formidable iMac that was ever built and will certainly give its nearest competition a very tough time like the low-range Mac Pro.

The new iMac simply outclassed the entry-level Mac Pro in the performance category. According to earlier reports, the high-end 4.0 GHz Retina 5K iMac easily registered impressive scores of 4,438 in the single-core 64-bit benchmarking test, and 16,407 in the multi-core testing.

While iMac excels in photo and video editing and can offer big help to web designers it is not well-suited for gaming as it reduces the quality of the original display of various computer games.

The price for this sweet baby starts at $2,499, ships right away to your home.


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