Twitter broadens horizon, persuades mobile apps developers into its fold

Twitter finally showed its intentions of entering an uncharted territory and as it plunges into the realms of mobile communications as the company is set to unveil tools that will give rise to enticing the mobile developers to come up with apps on the site and gain an opportunity to monetize on their software.

The tools which are dubbed as the Fabric will play a big role on Twitter’s endeavor to compel the mobile developers to come up with apps to compete well with stiff internet rivals such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Amazon and among other top internet sites.

Twitter’s Chief Executive Officer Dick Costolo had made the announcement on its first mobile developer conference event dubbed as the Flight which will be held at San Francisco. The venue of the event is near the Twitter’s headquarters.

Costolo quipped, “We wanted to approach this not from the perspective of what would best for Twitter, but from the perspective of what would make you the most productive.”

The timely disclosure mirrors the company’s endeavor to penetrate the mobile platform segment and not only in the mobile app niche.

Gartner analyst Brian Blau who takes the cudgels on consumer technologies stated, “For them to have this developer conference is more evidence that Twitter wants to be viewed as a top-level consumer service.”

Over 1,000 mobile developers are expected to attend in the upcoming event. The last time the company had staged a developer conference was four years ago.

Twitter aims to provide the developers the chance to come up with apps and earns from them. This effort will also forge strong relationships with them.

Twitter along with its stiff rivals vie for the nods of the mobile develops who are capable of whipping up apps that are boon for them and keep people glued with them.

Many moons ago, Twitter depended on applications providers to make features since the company is devoid of tools for shortening Web links and posting photos. This opened the floodgate of apps into the site.

However, Twitter stiffened the rules on the kind of applications that are acceptable in the platform.


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