Solve your email woes with the new Gmail app named Inbox

The so-called electronic mails or emails have been part of the lives of many in all four corners of the world. It is now one of the most popular ways of getting connected or in touch with your loved ones, friends, relatives, colleagues and among others.

Though the emails serve a lot of uses like sending and receiving memos, invitations, love letters, cover letters, newsletters, daily deals, purchase confirmations, spam, inspirational messages, flight confirmations and the list goes on, the e-mails that numbers at least a thousand and buried one after the other can be messy and can be a source of stress.

Keep in mind that e-mails that are not organized will give rise to clutter in the days to come where finding the important files you need, may take you few minutes up to more than an hour. But thank goodness Google’s Gmail has just whipped up a new app that is bound for release in the coming days to help users organize their messages and it is dubbed as the Inbox.

This feature can act as an email personal assistant that can sort your e-mails with relative ease as it categorizes received messages into Bundles that are then broken into different groups such as Work, Receipts, Travel, Purchases and Social.

You can create and personalize your own Bundles from tags, or by combining messages into Bundles. This seemed nice isn’t it, but wait the Inbox offers more.

The new feature brings in the notion of the Highlighting. Where important emails that could have been buried with conventional email service will still appear on top of the web page to keep you notified. Keep in mind that the feature can also make updates on essential information such as flight delays, gate changes, purchases, shipping information, payments and the list goes on.

If you are familiar with Google Now you will notice that Inbox is similar to this service as it can also obtain documents, pictures, and other important information any time.

The Inbox also feature an ability to snooze actions and emails. For instance, if an email arrives and you feel like you don’t like to see it until you have the time to see it you can snooze it until the next day you arrive.

When your handset or desktop client senses that you’re at a place and time that you have acknowledged, the message will re-emerge.

Inbox also boasts of Reminders, and has the ability to search for phone number or a website address, and make it noticeable.

And the icing on the cake is the interface the Inbox has. The interface is now available on mobile phones that runs the Android and iOS and even on the desktop computer at home.

If you are a big Gmail user that receives and sends a lot of messages every day, the new Gmail Inbox app is a must-have.


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