PhotoMath a free app that is cinched to solve your woes in dealing with math problems

Math is indeed a very difficult subject to deal with. To pull through one is required to have ample practice, great amount of patience and sound understanding of the basic concepts and principles.

These days a calculator (especially the scientific one) can be a potent tool in breezing past simple calculations and even basic mathematical expressions/equations.

Aside from the calculator didn’t you know that there is a free app that can help you solve your problems in math with zest and gusto? The name of this free app that is far better than a calculator is the PhotoMath of Microblink, a feature that can help you steer clear from solving simple linear equations, basic mathematical expressions, word problems and other problems related to the subject.

The app is not only great at providing answers but it also gives a thorough guide in answering each problem. This app would certainly be of great help to the students, instructors, teachers, parents and the list goes on.

The app is also a perfect fit for the individuals who are still beginning to learn the ropes of the subject thanks to the step-by-step guide the app provides. The app can also make wonders for students on answering their assignments and even for reviewing past lessons.

The app can also give the right answer so you will never end up on dead ends or loops, and at the same time, give you great joy every time you see your answer is identical to that of the app’s.

But some individuals in the blogosphere and social media are not in favor of the app as it will entice students to be dependent of getting things done using short cuts,.

A blogger named Kontra of quipped on Twitter, “Wet dream of high school math students, but perhaps not such a good idea?” and added “Equation solving is a learned process. Once you short circuit it, it’s problematic.”


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