Mozilla Says Firefox Hello to Everyone

Mozilla is currently developing a service that will cinched to give convenience and delight to the online users especially to those who are fond of chatting. There is a new software built for voice chatting and this service is currently available on its beta stage. Citing the report whipped up by PC World, the promising and exciting Firefox Beta will let you “chat with anyone regardless of what browser the other person is using.”

PC World quipped, “Firefox Hello is more than just a feel good alternative to services like Microsoft’s Skype, Apple’s Facetime and Google Hangouts; it’s a way to communicate that doesn’t require the recipient to jump through any hoops. If you’ve ever tried to video chat with a far-flung relative and don’t know what software or services they use, there’s real utility in a chat option that doesn’t particularly care.”

Moreover, the service will work even with no special software or plugins for as long as the browsers of the people that are chatting together support WebRTC. Browsers such as Google’s Chrome and Opera support WebRTC.

The receiver end of a call can acquire a callback link and begin online conversation right away without using login or resorting to extra steps.

That’s not all, Firefox provides additional advantage like getting in touch with fellow Firefox users with a single click without sharing a callback link.

Mozilla is currently working with live chat platform provider TokBox to develop the wonderful service.



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