Acquisition deal aborted, Twitpic now in limbo

After making an announcement of closure and taking it back because of alleged acquisition offer from elsewhere sprout out like a mushroom from nowhere, Image hosting company Twitpic again has just announced that it will shut down because the allege negotiation deal lost steam and eventually got aborted.

Twitpic had disclosed last Thursday that will stop operations on October 25 a startling event since the firm said that a certain company is interested in purchasing the image hosting company.

Twitpic had stated a month ago that it will close down after it got slapped with a trademark problem by social media network giant Twitter.

Twitpic founder Noah Everett confirmed the sad ending of the service as he had stated Thursday, that the negotiation between the company and the purported acquiring company was foiled.

Everett said, “It’s with a heavy heart that I announce again that Twitpic will be shutting down on Oct. 25,” he stated in a blog post.

Everett has not specified the would-be buyer as he added, “We were almost certain we had found a new home for Twitpic, but agreeable terms could not be met.”

Twitpic’s service allow people to share their photos and videos on Twitter, but it became less significant for the past few years, ever since uploading photos directly in Twitter was incepted.

The company opted to disclose the so-called “acquisition” to enable the users determine that Twitpic would not close down, Everett quipped.

The users were placed in a loophole with the yoyo antics of Twitpic. By the way users can extract their data and pictures from the site by visiting the site and get all the data they need.


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