Software development kit WatchKit” for Apple Watch will debut on November 2014

Apple is truly on a roll after few days of launching its vaunted iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 the technology company is also set unveil the highly anticipated Apple Watch along with new fangled “WatchKit” software development kit. Several weeks ago Apple hit the jackpot with the release of its flagship phones (iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus).

While the time of release of the Apple watch ensue a long wait, the company has disclosed last Thursday that it will roll out new complementary software development kit that is exclusively for the Apple Watch.

The new software development kit will be dubbed as WatchKit as it let the users enjoy various applications that are solely for the wearable device.

The launching of the wearable device and its SDK was made by Apple CEO Tim Cook last Thursday. The SDK for the Apple Watch will be made accessible to the developers two months ahead of to the launching of the wearable device to give the developers apple time to make more apps. The advance launching of the SDK will also allow the developer to study the wearable device’s architecture and at the same give more ample time in developing and testing different applications for the wearable device.

Earlier reports stated the SDK for Apple Watch will be rolled this November and probably two months ahead of the unveiling of the device. This will give the developers a lot of time to come up with exciting and enticing applications.

For the moment Apple is still riding on the crest of the success of its flagship phones and by the time Apple Watch will be unveiled the iPhones has lost its luster a bit. Apple need not worry for it still has some rabbits on its hat.



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