Apple disclosed impressive business numbers

After the successful launching of its flagship iPhones, technology giant Apple Inc., the company is off to a very impressive performance ahead of the lucrative festive season where people are expected to be on a shopping spree.

Apple said that the company had sold 163 million iPhones for the past one year and 35.2 million units accounted for in the last quarter. The iPhones got a big boost with the release of the new models (iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus) last month which sold like pancakes in the first two weeks while on sale worldwide.

Not to be outdone are the iPad models where 225 million units have been sold, and 75% of the tablets sold was registered last years.

The company’s App store offers wide-range of iPad apps numbering up to 675,000 which also served as a prolific earner for Apple.

The iMacs’ sales also increased by 18% outperforming the rest of the field in the PC industry which posted combined negative 5% decrease.

Apple is indeed bullish on cashing in more revenues as its Apple Pay will make its debut on Oct. 20 even as 500 banks are prepared to support the feature that will rival PayPal and other online payment systems. Last month the company also introduced its smartwatch.



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