Google launched the highly anticipated Android 5.0 Lollipop

Google will attempt to reinforce further its status as one of the premier operating systems providers in the software segment market by launching its Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Google’s senior vice president of Android and Chrome, Sundar Pichai, has just unveiled the new software on a blog post. The Android 5.0 Lollipop is the first of its kind to use a new design model Google also called as “Material,” which was announced during the Google I/O developer conference last summer.

Google quipped, Lollipop performed consistently well various of devices from smartphones to television sets to smartwatches. If a device comes with the Lollipop, the user interface seemed like it is part of the device and switching from one device to another is a breeze especially with songs, images and videos.

The new edition of Android provides the mobile phone users power over notifications and reduce them as they wish. For instance, you may yearn for limiting notifications to a handful of people when you are always on-the-go or doing nothing at all. However, this could pose a problem for smartwatches and other wearables, where smart notifications are significant to the user experience.

Energy-efficient as it is, the Lollipop also comes with a battery-saving feature that  can lengthen the device’s life by up to one and a half hour. It is still vague whether the battery saver reduces the functionality of the device, but keeping in mind that it is just a small portion of what Samsung, HTC and among others obtains from ultra low-power modes, Lollipop’s battery saver feature will probably keep the user connected.

Google also comes with an enhanced security feature like the Smart Lock, which allows the users to choose secured devices like the Bluetooth earpiece or smartwatch to keep it unlocked though the device is in use.  This feature appears on existing Android phones like that of the Motorola mobile phones that runs the OS version 5.0.

Lollipop also comes with Factor Reset Protection. According to Re/code, this feature allows the device users to turn of their phone even if they are several meters away from it. This feature makes the Android 5.0 devices amenable with California’s cellphone kill-switch law, which will be enacted in 2015. The default settings of the data encryption for the mobile phone’s information are also in effect.


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