Skype unveils souped-up stand-alone video messaging app named Qik

Skype is now pouncing on the dramatic increase of the popularity of apps that are centered on photos and videos and with this on mind the company is now bound to unveil its new fangled standalone app for video messages which is the Skype Qik.


Skype Qik which is set to be launched today has been created from the square one and comes with new set of codes.


The term Qik may sound familiar as it is the name of the mobile video startup company that Skype had acquired in 2011. Although Qik’s team has whipped up new apps for Skype Qik, the two differs from one another as Qik is built for live video streaming whilst Skype Qik provides video voicemail service.


Keep in mind that the vast majority of the users today are using smartphones than desktop computers when it comes to communicating with their loved ones and more people are using Skype to connect with their friends and relatives with their mobile phones every day. Communications via mobile devices these days comes with an assortment of features and has become cohesive and impulsive. A testament of this is the majority of Skype’s new users are using mobile phones.


Skype Qik endeavors to create a niche on its market segment and the term Qik is a perfect fit to the brand name.


The Skype Qik app is well-suited for spontaneous video conversation between two persons and it can run along with Skype. The new app is actually a standalone smartphone app that does not need a Skype account in order for it to work.

The principal program manager lead at Skype, Dan Chastney, quipped “Skype started with desktop, it was really our heritage but we’ve seen users adapting and shifting to more mobile scenarios,” and added “We really wanted to find a way of helping users stay connected in between their Skype calls.”


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