League of Legends: $1B Revenue, Worlds Tournament Update, Latest News and More

One of the world’s very popular video games, the highly regarded The League of Legends (LOL) already carved out a niche in the gaming industry and at the same time stand on the same level with other premier games that commands myriad of user base.

The LOL game has raked in an eye-popping and jaw dropping $1 B revenue which is indeed a rare and remarkable feat.

A highly tactical game that offers nonstop mano y mano action from start to finish, LOL is actually a difficult game that comes with a delicate meta-game and often receives recurring patches and add-ons from its creator. In spite of this, the game offered the same pattern over the years and the evident of this is the aggregate of movements taken from 10,000 games played by 100,000 players

The game play calls for each opposing sides starting with puny characters/heroes on separate bases. The game progresses as the players will attempt to kill creeps, monsters and even each other to gain resources and at the same time to strengthen their respective characters by unlocking more skills and raising stats. At the end of the game the heroes are equipped with formidable gears and skills.

A team will win the game when it wipes out their opponent’s base. The game usually lasts from 30 to 40 minutes.

Opting for heroes from a field of more than hundred choices may take an assortment of skills. Of course with immense exposure and experience with the game one will be good at picking the right hero in every battle he will engage in. Players may enter the skirmish as robots, knights and ninjas. Moreover each player may opt for heroes with diverse roles like carry and support, mid-laner, top-laner and the jungler.

During the peak time up to eight million players worldwide play the game to raise their rankings. The competition in the world level is so stiff even as each player makes the most of their resources, stratagem and deep knowledge to pull through.

The game’s creator which is the Riot Games comes with an odd business strategy which is making wonders. Early this year the company claimed that it already has 27 million active players every day and about 67 million active players every month. The game is very popular in the United States, Asia and Europe.

To date “The League of Legends Worlds” tournament is now on its full swing as the grand finale is slated on October 19th, in Seoul, South Korea. One of the semifinal games is already decided as Samsung White scored an unassailable 3-0 sweep of Samsung Blue to enter the grand finals. Samsung will face the winner of the other semifinal game that pits the Star Horn Royal Club against OMG which is still not decided as of press time.

The organizer of the tournament dangles a cool $1 million cash prize to the grand winner.

If you want to get updated with the games results, highlight reel of the tournament you may visit http://na.lolesports.com/.

The tournament is actually on a deficit even the tickets were sold well at prices of $US15 and $US50, but this is totally okay with the tournament organizer. Riot Games co-founder and the company president, Marc Merrill, stated that they whip up tournaments to serve as a form of marketing to entice new players and to encourage further the loyal players.


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