HTC RE Camera: Price, features and more

HTC has just launched the 16-megapixel RE camera that sports an odd-looking design and shape. Like the GoPro camera, the point-and-shoot camera lacks the viewfinder but comes with a single button situated at the front which can be used for capturing slow motion videos and another on its back for taking photos and videos.

The RE camera doesn’t need the viewfinder as HTC think that users will be at ease without it while taking either pictures or videos. The device can serve as as a wireless viewfinder and is works perfectly with with Android and iOS devices. Unlike the GoPro tripod, the tripod of the RE is plastic-base.

Priced at $199, the crisp camera boasts of 146-degree wide-angle lens and HTC avers that the camera can record 1080p videos at a rate of 30 frames per second (fps) and 720p slow-motion videos at 120 fps.

The periscope-like camera is built with a battery backup which can last up to 100 minutes while capturing 1080p videos and 1,200 photos on a single charge. Equipped with an 8GB MicroSD the camera has extra MicroSD slot that can support up to 128 GB data storage.

Rated at IP57 the camera is resistant from dust and water and it is also bundled with a microphone, microUSB connector, speaker and Wi-Fi.

The gadget is expected to get stiff competition from the different camera variants offered by its toughest rival GoPro.

The device is available in blue, white and glossy red colors variants as opposed to GoPro’s GoPro Hero4 that comes in  white, silver and black flavors.



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