All eyes will be on Google’s Shamu Phablet this month

In an attempt to make its presence felt further in the extra large smartphone category the upstart Google is all systems go on launching its very own phablet this month. Shamu is also peppered with a high-resolution display screen to make it even more enticing.

Dubbed as Shamu which means killer whale, the 5.9-inch new fangled Nexus mobile device is slightly larger than Apple’s flagship 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus and the 5.7-inch Samsung Galaxy according to the report dished out by Wall Street.

Motorola Mobility, the mobile phone manufacturer that Google is selling to China’s Lenovo Group Ltd, has been producing the devices.

Google also intend to unveil its newest version of its renowned Android mobile-operating system at the same time.

According to a report whipped up by global consultancy firm Strategy Analytics, the so-called phablets made up only 1% of the global smartphone shipments three years ago, but to date, these mobile phone variant is expected to comprise up to 24 % of the market.

The battle for supremacy in the big-size smartphone truly heats up, and it remains to be seen if Shamu will be able to pull the rug from under its tough competitors.


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