HTC attempts to gain lost ground with its built for taking selfie photos HTC Desire Eye

The Taiwanese mobile phone company HTC launched its very own flagship phone last Wednesday in an attempt to get a nice slice of the smartphone segment market and take full advantage of the forthcoming holiday season.

The company is expected to face stiff competition from its perennial rivals. Apple and Samsung also had released their own flagship phones.

Apple got the better end of its main rival Samsung as its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus sold like pancakes worldwide especially on its home turf United States which used to be the bastion of the oversize Samsung Galaxy smartphones.  The new Galaxy models were simply outclassed.

The HTC is seemed well-prepared for the uphill battle as it aims on the consumers who love to take selfie photos.

he HTC Desire Eye is not only teeming with exciting features as it is also built for taking selfie pictures.

The crisp mobile device is spruced up with generous 13 megapixels cameras on both the front and back, which are well-suited for those who are fond of taking awesome pictures, clear videos and wonderful selfie photos.

The new fangled smartphone is now available in the United States and also be acquire3 through AT&T. The Desire Eye’s camera comes with a peculiar shape and sports a periscope-looking form, which fits to one’s hand comfortably. The camera design of the Desire Eye is also beefed up with a sensor which can turn on the device whenever it is lifted up which implies that one will not resort to turning on the mobile device.


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