Apple set to steal (again) the thunder from its (outclassed) rivals on October 16

After the successful launching of its flagship phones (the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus) few weeks ago, technology giant Apple is set to steal the thunder from its competitors anew by unveiling its new offerings on its much anticipated October 16 event.

Apple is rumored to roll out its enhanced and up to date iPad variants and Mac Operating System. This attempt is expected to shore up the weak sales performance of the previous iPad models and at the same time pounce on the momentum its flagship phones have gathered since the very day it is put up on sale.

The Cupertino-based company is also predicted to put into the spotlight the newest update of its Mac OS and probably the cutting edge digital payment service which is also called Apple Pay. Keep in mind that the new i-Phones the company has released a month ago come with a chip which is built to send and receive payments in the coming weeks.

Traditionally Apple doesn’t talk too much and doesn’t disclose its agenda of its annual October event, but the company usually sends cryptic invitations to reporters, developers and analysts. This year the message read as, ‘‘It’s been way too long.’’

Since the holiday season is drawing near, this is the perfect time to pounce on the lucrative market. Apple and other technology-based companies are rolling out their products at this period of time.

Last year, Apple unleashed the iPad Air and performed well during the holiday season but  lost steam in the subsequent months.

Apple had sold 29.6 million iPad units in the first half of this year which translates to a 13 percent dip from the same period last year.

Apple might also mention about the infamous #Bendgate and #Hairgate issues that somewhat haunted the iPhone models and possibly give details about its high-end smart watch gold edition’s price, specification and features.


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