Facebook reacts to the controversial anonymous sharing app speculations but developing never seen before app instead

The Product Manager of Facebook Josh Miller has affirmed that he is spearheading a team that is developing a new app for the company, but it is not about anonymity as the speculators had predicted.

Miller tweeted twice in a reaction to New York Time’s latest report about the alleged mobile stand-alone app that let users to join in an assortment of topics using pseudonyms.

New York Times’ Mike Isaac reported last Tuesday that Facebook will roll out an anonymous sharing app in the near future and purportedly whipping up experimental attempts of its searing “real name policy.” Isaac also added that Miller and his team have already begun testing of the new app since a year ago.

Miller quipped on his post in Twitter, “I hope people know the @branch crew wouldn’t build a clone or anything,” and firmed while he added that “[He] can’t wait to show you what we’ve built.”

The social network giant exec also stated that an app should also have added function aside from offering anonymity. The objective of the product should not focus on the identity of the users but the on their needs and/or wants.

He also quipped that the anonymous apps devoid of right product designs will just give rise to rumors.

According Tech Crunch, Miller has made tweets that Facebook is not developing an app anchored around anonymity, but working on another project that is coming up with an innovative product that is distinct from any apps that have been created.

Miller served as the CEO and co-founder of Branch. The company which specializes on small group discussions was acquired by Facebook early this year.   Based in New York City, Branch concentrate on products that put together social network discussion groups and intends to assist in linking people with the same interests or hobbies. Miller and his vaunted team is now part of Facebook after the acquisition.


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