Facebook to launch app that is designed to hide true identities while engaging in conversations

Social network giant Facebook is purportedly developing a mean of communicating with one another anonymously. This app will allow users to interact freely in an assortment of topics without using their real names.

Just lately Facebook took the brunt of immense pressure from various sectors especially from the gay community for its real name policy and had permitted users to come up with fake names provided that Facebook cleared them to do so.

The New York Times has reported about the upcoming Facebook’s app and citing two people knowing about this. The development of the app which started one year ago is spearheaded by former Branch co-founder and chief executive Josh Miller. Facebook had purchased social network company Branch early this year.

Branch which dwells well in small discussion groups, has been building the Facebook’s Conversations group in New York right shortly after the merger. In a letter directed at Facebook Miller said, “With the goal of helping people connect with others around their interests. Their pitch [Facebook] to us was: ‘Build Branch at Facebook scale!'”

The new app which is well-suited for discussions and permit the users to hide under various aliases, monikers or fake names. This innovative app is expected to be launched very soon, though the New York doubts on its report about how the app will be incorporated with Facebook.

The usage of pseudonyms is common in many platforms in the internet. You can write articles in hide under a false name while making a living or access a forum site anonymously while you share your views and even share contents.

This new app will allow Facebook to compete directly with Reddit and anonymous sharing apps such as Secret and Whisper and probably built to reinforce “health community discussions,” which jives well with Facebook’s alleged interest in plunging into the healthcare segment several days ago. The company has been collaborating with the experts and entrepreneurs in the medical industry and intends to come up with ‘online support communities’ aside from its other health-based apps.


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