After #Bendgate, #Hairgate will test the mettle of Apple’s iPhone 6

When ridicules about the Apple’s renowned #Bendgate are about to lose steam another design flaw is in the offing to test the mettle of the world’s most sought after smartphone which is the iPhone 6.

Apple is currently baffled with another alleged design imperfection and it is dubbed as #Hairgate. As the name implies some iPhone have been receiving series of complaints from long-haired women and bearded men. The affected users complain that their hair caught between the ridges of the front glass and aluminum enclosure.

This time around the user’s discomfort while using the vaunted iPhone 6 is now highlighted and the #Hairgate is now popular in various technology-based forums and blogosphere.

Same with its precursor bendgate, the alleged #Hairgate has also been a source of mockery and ridicule in the internet. Some of the users also tweets an assortment of solutions (jokes and serious ones).

Ahhh people tend to throw stones at trees that are teeming with fruits. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus which posted record-breaking sales already breezed through the #Bendgate issue and  it is without no doubt the two iPhone variants will cruise through the #Hairgate mess with relative ease.


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