Facebook claims it gained $2 billion from spammers for fake likes

Facebook has just whipped up warnings that they already secured $2 billion by winning in judicial proceedings against spammers. This serves as a chilling message from the internet titan to would be spammers. The company also stressed that they are willing to take on future offenders seriously.

Facebook site integrity engineer Matt Jones posted a blog which stated that the company has beefed up their system to put the spammers at bay. The platform now boasts of algorithms that could detect odd activities and make steps like requiring verification as its first line of defense.

The company launched updates in its system that could to lessen the probability of spam appearing in the news feed. The system can now neutralize like-baiting, frequently circulated content, and spammy links.

The company’s all-out war against fake likes will clean the Facebook itself and it’ll also boosts its value to the users and companies. Facebook quips that the deceitful likes causes companies harm to the social media network.

The new overhauled system could also help Facebook bolster its revenue earning capacity by selling more targeted advertisements to various business sectors.

October is actually a National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and Facebook also cautioned the users about a malware that can control your computer to make actions such as liking pages using your account. You may visit Facebook Help section if you think a malware is causing you to do unusual things in your Facebook account.


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