Facebook is developing a health app and intends to enter healthcare industry

Great news to health-conscious Facebook users as the social network giant plans to enter the Healthcare industry.

The social media giant Facebook which is very popular for its features (likes, comments, chat, sending and receiving messages, games and plethora of useful apps) is widening its scope further as it endeavors to enter an uncharted territory.


Facebook intends to plunge into the realms of healthcare as well


According to the report from Reuters, the social network behemoth is mulling about whipping up online support communities that would link people that are afflicted with various disease as well as coming up with preventative care applications. The Facebook plans are in on its early stages.


Facebook has been collaborating with people in the medical and health field for the past few months but it is still on its way of dishing out Research and Development team to evaluate the apps.

Facebook has discerned that its users are health-conscious. In 2012, Facebook permitted its users to let other people know about that they are organ donors. This moved gained popularity. Facebook also had noticed that many of its users looked for medical advices on its search bar.

This app will certainly be of great help especially to those people who suffers from different kinds of diseases as well as to the users who are health-minded.


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