Panasonic launches CG-320 the world’s smallest battery designed for wearable devices

As wearable devices becomes smaller and smaller as days goes by, the size of the new fangled battery which Panasonic has just launched also comes in a diminutive package.

The electronics titan made known to the public of its lithium battery which resembles like a pin and just measures 20 mm in length and has a diameter of 3.5 mm. It is just 1/20 of the size of the common AAA batteries. This minuscule battery is the smallest on its category as far as the capacity by volume is taken into consideration.

This small yet power-packed battery is dubbed as CG-320 battery which boasts of a nominal capacity of 13 mAh and voltage of 3.75 V. It can also connect Bluetooth and NFC (near-field communication) links with smartphones.

Its solid body and lesser weight make it well-suited for wearable devices like smart glasses, fitness bands, hearing aids, electronic pens, smart watches and the list goes on.

While other compact batteries offered by its competitor could reduce the overall size of wearable devices, functions and interfaces, but the CG-320 according to spokeswoman for Panasonic allow more flexible product design and has high strength and stability form that can deliver high reliability.

Moreover, the battery could also aid in lessening the size and weight of wearable devices and has other possible application which is the Internet of Things (IoT).

Panasonic is also on the stage of whipping up two more pin-shaped batteries with current rating of 30 mAh and 50 mAh, though these variants are quite bigger and heavier than the CG-320.

Battery size and power are key factors for wearable devices that have been placing restraint on big-scale growth and popularity. The touted Apple Watch, for example, will probably need recharging every day and this can pose a big problem for the small wearable devices.

A series of endeavors have been made to enhance the materials and the innards of batteries for wearable devices.

The CG-320 can be likened to the common cylindrical lithium-ion batteries with negative and positive electrode sheets enfolding each other beneath the undersized stainless steel tube.

Panasonic is bullish on the production of the battery and aiming at manufacturing 100,000 units each month and will begin on its shipment in February next year. Prior to this development Panasonic is set to launch the CG-320 at the Ceatec tech expo next week.


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