Microsoft unleashes the free technical preview of Windows 10

Shortly after Microsoft unveiled the next generation Windows 10, the company has just stated that the free technical preview will be available for download.

Windows 10 boasts of series of new features, such as the Windows Store apps which the user can resize, a Start Menu that comes with Live Tiles and multiple desktops.

There’s good news for would-be users since the new operating system’s requirements can be easily satisfied. Any PCs that can run the Windows 8.1 are also compatible with Windows 10. So this implies that you just need a processor with a speed of 1 Ghz, 1GB of RAM (2 GBs for 64-bit platforms) and 16 GBs of free data storage space.

To download the technical preview, however, one should be a member of the Windows Insider Program which will end on April 2015.

Microsoft has stated that the users should only download the preview if they don’t care about having frequent updates later, computer savvy and will not utilized it into their main computer. Keep in mind its technical preview anyways. 


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