Microsoft’s cutting edge Windows 10, an amalgam of Windows 7, Windows 8 and more

Software behemoth Microsoft finally disclosed the name of its highly touted new operating system to the public and it is coined as Windows 10 not Windows 9 as speculated by many tech experts. Microsoft opted for the brand name Windows 10 to highlight the technological advances and impressive features of the new operating system.

Microsoft provided a sneak peek at its latest and most important product in an event held at San Francisco last Tuesday and the company is setting its sight on the business industry. The current Windows 8 has been extensively scoffed for not being a user-friendly software. With Windows 10, however, the company has vowed that it is easy to use and capable of doing things right just like before.

Joe Belfiore one of the executives of Windows and who is responsible for keeping a very keen eye on the Windows design and evolution, quipped that Windows 10 will provide an atmosphere which is almost the same with that of the Windows 7 and it is peppered with enhancements found in Windows 8 to aid users in the business sector to have a silky smooth transition.

Microsoft is slated to provide chosen users to have the look and feel of the Windows 10 beginning on Wednesday. The company intends to unravel the details of the new versions’ features on early part of 2014 before launching sometime in the middle of next year.

Experts believe that the success of the new operating system is anchored around compatibility with mobile phones and other devices without giving up the long-established computing experience.

The Windows 10 will certainly not follow the footsteps of its precursor (Windows 8) where users were completely thrown right off with the new radical design and new features. The new software is built to give the users convenience and comfort and it is groomed to bridge the gap between mobile phones and computers. The new OS boasts of touchscreen functions and familiar user-interface and works well with differenct gaming consoles.

To date Microsoft has three major OS and these are: Windows 8 computers and tablets, Windows Phone 8 for mobile devices, and Xbox for its gaming console. If there is a Windows platform that is an amalgam of the three systems whipping up apps with various devices will be an easier task. This is great news as the consumers are allowed to switch devices with relative ease and refrain from buying the same apps many times over.


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